Holy cow check out this video

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It’s an OK song and an OK video, but the technology on display here is pretty neat - you control the camera.  Check it out to see what I mean.

Obviously, this is an Internet-age video and one has to wonder what they’d do with something like this during MTV’s heyday.  Also, it occurs to me that the 3d viewer-controlled camera concept might be pretty awesome in our AppleTV / Microsoft Kinect powered future…

Album 13?

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You know what this means, right?


Great video for a great tune from one of last year’s greatest albums.

Also, the reference for the title of this post:

2011 Wrap-up Part 1

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I just finished December and January trips to Philadelphia and Mississippi. Things are getting back to a state of relative normalcy and I’m playing catchup with some year-end things I intended to do. First up - I brag, I pat myself on the back, and I shamelessly toot my own horn.

In 2011, through a combination of caloric restriction and jogging, I lost 65 pounds.

In 2011, through a combination of paying down student loans and a car loan, funneling money into various savings vehicles, and budgeting in earnest for the first time in life, I improved my net worth by over $11,000.

I am very proud of both of these things and just wanted to brag in public.

Windows Phone vs iPhone data usage

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WP7 vs iPhone data usage

iPhone users ARE data hogs, apparently and I’m proof. Check out my data usage as an iPhone owner vs my usage as a Windows Phone owner (I bought my Windows Phone in mid-November 2011).  The reasons for the drop-off are pretty obvious I think - I started using my iPad much more and there are very few worthwhile apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace, so I end up not using much data on my phone.