2011 Wrap-up Part 1

Posted January 31st, 2012. Filed under Personal

I just finished December and January trips to Philadelphia and Mississippi. Things are getting back to a state of relative normalcy and I’m playing catchup with some year-end things I intended to do. First up - I brag, I pat myself on the back, and I shamelessly toot my own horn.

In 2011, through a combination of caloric restriction and jogging, I lost 65 pounds.

In 2011, through a combination of paying down student loans and a car loan, funneling money into various savings vehicles, and budgeting in earnest for the first time in life, I improved my net worth by over $11,000.

I am very proud of both of these things and just wanted to brag in public.

Windows Phone vs iPhone data usage

Posted January 31st, 2012. Filed under Personal

WP7 vs iPhone data usage

iPhone users ARE data hogs, apparently and I’m proof. Check out my data usage as an iPhone owner vs my usage as a Windows Phone owner (I bought my Windows Phone in mid-November 2011).  The reasons for the drop-off are pretty obvious I think - I started using my iPad much more and there are very few worthwhile apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace, so I end up not using much data on my phone.


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I’m in Gulfport, Mississippi. It’s been quite an experience thus far.

Gulfport is a wasteland. You’ll remember, Gulfport was particularly hard hit by Hurricane Katrina - probably more so than New Orleans. You can definitely see and feel it. It just feels like half the city is missing. There are vacant lots and empty buildings everywhere. I mean, you can see the steady rebuilding, but you can also see the signs of destruction. What’s really striking is how menacing the Gulf of Mexico looks and feels up close. There was a solid rain storm today, and the gulf was churning away, winds blowing, humidity in the air. I don’t think I could live here, rebuilding my life and my city with that Gulf there looking over my shoulder, threatening to tear it all down again in the blink of an eye. Gulfport is right up against the Gulf. The beach can’t be anymore than 50 yards or so wide. Then there’s a highway. Then there’s the city. Businesses and houses and everything. Craziness.

Feist from Black Cab Sessions on Vimeo.