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you shut it right now

Let’s rank and categorize all 30 baseball clubs for 2013.

Title Contenders - one of these three teams will win the World Series this year
1 - Los Angeles Angels
2 - Detroit Tigers
3 - Cincinnati Reds

Very Good teams - these teams are legit contenders. (As a Phillies fan, it’s really lame to see the NL East pulling away like this)
4 - Atlanta Braves
5 - Washington Nationals
6 - Toronto Blue Jays

Good teams that could be very good
7 - San Francisco Giants
8 - Arizona Diamondbacks

Good teams that could be middle of the road
9 - Milwaukee Brewers
10 - Los Angeles Dodgers

Middle of the road - not great. Not bad. Solid teams
11 - Boston Red Sox
12 - Colorado Rockies
13 - Chicago White Sox
14 - Texas Rangers
15 - Kansas City Royals
16 - St. Louis Cardinals

Downward and Upward - one of these teams needs to rebuild, probably. The other looks like they may finally be getting the rebuilding thing done right.
17 - Philadelphia Phillies
18 - Pittsburgh Pirates

Worse than you think - Lots of projections out there love these 3 teams this year. I’m not buying any of them.
19 - Tampa Bay Rays
20 - Cleveland Indians
21 - Baltimore Orioles

Too many holes - These teams have lots of holes and should perform about as well (or about as poorly) as most people expect.
22 - Chicago Cubs
23 - Oakland Athletics

Injury Bitten - teams that could be better but won’t be better thanks to injuries.
24 - New York Yankees
25 - San Diego Padres

Bottom Feeders - the worst teams in baseball. Expect ugly seasons from these teams.
26 - Houston Astros
27 - Seattle Mariners
28 - Miami Marlins
29 - Minnesota Twins
30 - New York Mets

Bring on Opening Day!

Holy cow check out this video

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It’s an OK song and an OK video, but the technology on display here is pretty neat - you control the camera. ¬†Check it out to see what I mean.

Obviously, this is an Internet-age video and one has to wonder what they’d do with something like this during MTV’s heyday. ¬†Also, it occurs to me that the 3d viewer-controlled camera concept might be pretty awesome in our AppleTV / Microsoft Kinect powered future…

Album 13?

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You know what this means, right?


Its fo rizzle ipsum dolor sit amet

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