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I’m in Gulfport, Mississippi. It’s been quite an experience thus far.

Gulfport is a wasteland. You’ll remember, Gulfport was particularly hard hit by Hurricane Katrina - probably more so than New Orleans. You can definitely see and feel it. It just feels like half the city is missing. There are vacant lots and empty buildings everywhere. I mean, you can see the steady rebuilding, but you can also see the signs of destruction. What’s really striking is how menacing the Gulf of Mexico looks and feels up close. There was a solid rain storm today, and the gulf was churning away, winds blowing, humidity in the air. I don’t think I could live here, rebuilding my life and my city with that Gulf there looking over my shoulder, threatening to tear it all down again in the blink of an eye. Gulfport is right up against the Gulf. The beach can’t be anymore than 50 yards or so wide. Then there’s a highway. Then there’s the city. Businesses and houses and everything. Craziness.

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  1. sILVER bELLE says:

    It is NOT a ‘wasteland’….. And GULFPORT & the rest of the coast WAS hit harder than New Orleans. My family LOST the family home built in 1834 (Yes, OLDER than Grasslawn)
    I had a brain aneurysm b4 Katrina & am in an ‘assisted living’ north of Gulfport. I STILL MISS MY HOME

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