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One of my very earliest experiences as an Ubuntu user was an impromptu gathering of a handful of co-workers at my buddy’s place to install Ubuntu on various computing devices and eat pizza.  If I remember correctly, we called it a GeekFest, but in hindsight, I realise that what he had was a Release Party.  Ubuntu users all around the world gather at release parties marking each new release of the Ubuntu distribution.  What follows below is a short photo-essay of sorts about Ubuntu Release Parties.  The images are from Creative Commons licensed Flickr content; each is linked to the corresponding Flickr photo page.  Inspiration credit goes to Boston.com’s Big Picture blog.

Twice a year, every six months, we gather in celebration of the continuing and growing success of the Ubuntu Linux distribution and the continually growing community that makes Ubuntu what it is.  Many of us know each other very well.  Some of us barely know each other; yet we enjoy each others company, we enjoy sharing each others knowledge and enthusiasm.

Back Yard

We gather in backyards.

Hardy Release Party

We gather in restaurants

Ubuntu Release Party

We gather in empty classrooms.

Ubuntu Party - locale unknown

We gather pretty much anywhere we can find space to gather.

1 handsome dude, 1 Ubuntu 9.04 installation disk

We bring installation discs.

Boxes and boxes of disks

…lots of installation discs.

Ubuntu Nebraska LoCo Team Hardy Heron Release Party

We put those discs to good use, of course

Ubuntu 8.04 Party, Bangkok, Thailand

Sometimes we’ll break things.

Lending a helping hand, Thailand again

But that’s OK. We generally love helping each other fix things.

Jaunty Jackalope Thessaloniki Release Party

We also love cake.

Redbull Ubuntu Logo

and caffeine.

Ubuntu Vancouver Party-goers

We’re willing to wait in line

Another Ubuntu Cake

for cake.

Alan Pope

To the uninitiated, we may seem a little scary,

Lucy opens an Ubuntu Party

but we’re generally knowledgable, helpful and pleasant folks!

The next development cycle is already under way, which means we’re less than 6 months from the next round of release parties!  The Januty release parties are still going strong as well.  I’m headed to the Ohio LoCo release party just north of Columbus, OH.  If you’re in the area, you should definitely stop by Panera Bread for good food and good times.

I’d love to shine a bit of a spotlight on the photographers behind these pictures, so if any of these belong to you and you haven’t heard from me yet, leave me an email or comment and let’s chat!

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