You’re Doing It Wrong

Posted February 6th, 2009. Filed under Personal

Chris Brogan has some words of wisdom concerning things that far too many people are doing wrong.


Particularly agreeable:

You don’t allow blog comments.

You add people to LinkedIn that you don’t know very well.  (I think this applies even more to Facebook)

You use partial RSS feeds.

You talk in LOLcat speak. (have you ever actually read a comment thread on ICHC?  Inanity defined.)

Some on his list are a little silly

You aren’t using FriendFeed.

You are using FriendFeed.

Sooo…. I should have a FriendFeed account, but I shouldn’t use it?  Or is FriendFeed just altogether wrong?

I’d like to add a few of my own:

You are an artist using Myspace as your primary (only!) homepage.

You are using Myspace.

You insist on using ‘www.’ before every domain name.

You ask a question on a message board, find a solution, publicly declare that you’ve found a solution, but don’t post the solution.

You’ve added 2 dozen applications to your Facebook profile, taking care to invite me to every one of those applications.

You top-post your replies.

You reply-all without reason. (anyone else ever notice Facebook doesn’t even give you the option to reply to the sender only?)



Ultimately, of course, I agree with Chris Brogan’s sentiment that there really is no “doing it wrong” (who defines what’s right?)  Still though, if everyone out there could at least stop doing one or two of these things, I’d be very appreciative, kthxbai!

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