Why I’m (mostly) leaving tumblr

Posted September 5th, 2008. Filed under Personal

I do not blog regularly.  I often begin writing a post and then decide to revisit it later.  Later becomes much later becomes never.  Tonight, for example, I began writing a post in response to a statement made by a dear friend and a man for whom I have a world of respect.  My post was a passionate response to a comment left on a Google Reader shared item that honestly infuriated me.  (and there are enough clues in the preceding few statements that you should know who you are, dear friend :P) I sat here for a good hour thinking and writing and editing and fact checking.  In the end, I decided against posting my response.  I wanted to save my post, instead, as a draft to be revisited later.  Tumblr could not accomodate this fairly standard blogging practice.

I could, of course, publish my post and make it visible only to me, but that is just not the same as having the ability to write and save and revisit and rework and eventually post a list of pending posts and ideas. I thought about it and realized Tumblr is a micro-blogging service that is more micro than it is blog.  I want a more feature-rich experience.  I love Tumblr for its simplicity, and I will likely continue to use it to post little pics and videos and music clips and the like.  But I know that that same simplicity can be accomplished elsewhere with a much more feature-rich backend.  Like Andrew, I feel that I have (or at least I am aiming to have) a more significant presence on the internets than Tumblr is capable of reflecting.  And so I am moving on.  I will resurface shortly, and hopefully more regularly.


P.S.- I’m about halfway through writing my music reviews 🙂

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