My Road-trip-through-Pennsyltucky playlist!

Posted August 21st, 2008. Filed under Personal

So I asked a bunch of my Philly friends to recommend me some music I hadn’t heard before.  One album per person.   Here’s what I got, loaded on my iPod and ready to keep me awake and entertained for the 8 hour drive through Ohio and across the keystone state.

If you didn’t get to contribute, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you online soon enough to toss the question your way 🙁

Here’s the list!

Beastie Boys - The In Sound From Way Out

Suggested by:  Eric Sipes

And I quote:  “dam dude.  that’s a tallllll order”

Decemberists - Picaresque

Suggested by:  Steve Feldman

And I quote: “I’m sure you’re not driving the distance to come play TI.  but in case you were… ;-)”

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

Suggested by:  Andrew Conkling

And I quote:  “Andrew: hmm… care about a genre?  Me: nope.  just good listenings.  Andrew: damn, the freedom makes it harder :P” (thats what she said?)

Gloria Deluxe - Must Don’t Whip ‘Um

Suggested by:  Kate Lang

And I Quote:  “I will even make you a copy and mail it to you if you’d like” (now THATS dedication to good music)

Mika - Life in Cartoon Motion

Suggested by:  Jeesely Cordero-Soto

And I quote:  “one of EJ’s favorites. great road trip music”

Ras Shiloh - From Rasta to You

Suggested by:  Brenda Williams

And I quote:  “uhm Ras Shiloh is a little more mellow - I think that album is my favorite so go w/ that - but you’ve got to one day check out Sizzla”

The Streets - A Grand Don’t Come For Free

Suggested by:  Anne Lynn

And I quote:  “so it’s like, the best hip hop music book on tape evar”

Stroke 9 - Nasty Little Thoughts

Suggested by:  Edwin Soto

And I quote: “the FIRST time I was in philly was to see a bigg ass concert in 2000, and I found this band there”

Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway

Suggested by:  Kasey Esposito

And I quote:  “the whole world would be a better place if we always saw boobs everywhere.  so I commend you”

VAST - Nude

Suggested by:  Rufus Goodfoot Jenkins

And I quote:  “VAST you need to play loud, if you like your music with a lot of stuff going on he’s the man”

So, thats it.  All have been successfully gotten with the help of the Amazon MP3 store and a few other unnamed sources.  Check back next week for my thoughts on all of these.

Leave me comments on what I might expect from some of these if you have heard them.  See you all on the other side (can’t wait!)

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