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Posted June 9th, 2008. Filed under Personal

I stayed home from work today, but it is far too hot to exert myself with packing type activities.  So I’ve decided to use today to get some other, more sedentary tasks taken care of.

Here is where things stand

  • Just got off the phone with my landlord.  He has finished the remodelling of the bathroom that was in progress during my first visit.  He is having a new stove installed this week.
  • I have reserved the UHaul truck for June 28-30th.  I will be loading the truck June 28th (Saturday) and 29th, driving to Ohio super-late Sunday night / Monday morning (thinking 3 or 4 am is likely).  I am not completely comfortable driving a UHaul truck, especially one towing my own car behind it.  Leaving in the dead of night will mean empty roads, a smaller gasoline expenditure (won’t need to run the air conditioner in the truck), and a nice early arrival in Lakewood.
  • I will begin actively recruiting my good friends 😉 to commit to helping me load the truck.  I am really not moving with much, the only substantially large items that need to be moved will be a solid wood armoire, full sized bed and mattress and my computer desk.  Besides that, there will be two smaller night stands and an assortment of smaller boxes of random stuff.  All who help will be treated to post-moving eating and drinking, of course.
  • I contacted Ohio service providers today, have the electricity, intarwebs, and television service scheduled to be turned on June 30th.
  • I have hired movers to meet me in Ohio and unload the truck.

Next tasks:

  • Give away or dispose of the rest of the stuff I’m not taking with me
    • Cat-branded sofas
    • Coffee table
    • China Cabinet
  • Contact Philadelphia service providers to cancel services
  • Party hearty a few last times with the Delaware Valley friends and family.

My first trip back to Philadelphia / New Jersey will be the weekend of August 15-17.  Your first trip to visit me in Lakewood will be ___________________. (?)

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