My new place in it’s currently occupied state

Posted May 19th, 2008. Filed under Personal

So I signed my lease on Wednesday and paid the security deposit.

My new address will be 1297 Idlewood Avenue, Lakewood, OH 44107. Here are some images and details

The dining room with a view into the kitchen.  The cabinet in the corner there is actually built into the wall.  There is a matching one just out of frame on the other side of the windows.  The table there is staying.  It’s a nice newish table, though I’ll probably replace the chairs. The hardwood floors are very new and very nice.  Also just out of frame, is a ceiling fan.

Here is a shot of the kitchen. It’s smallish, but functional.  The cabinets are all new.  The appliances will stay (dishwasher!).  Again, I’ll keep the dishwasher and refrigerator, probably lose the microwave.  Dirty dishes and loaf of bread, unfortunately not included.  That rear wall there was painted by a previous tenant who was an artist.  I like it, though the statue head up there is kinda creepy.

The door at the back of the kitchen leads to a small mudroom which leads to the rear deck.  The deck is roughly 12’ x 10’6”, so well over 120 square feet of space, plenty for a grill and some patio chairs on warm summer nights.  The deck overlooks the backyard.  The backyard itself is lined with trees (which were flowering during my visit and smelled amazing) for a pretty solid amount of privacy.  In the backyard itself is a man-made lake pond puddle approached by a small walking path.  Very nice and low maintenance (no mowing!)

Here is the living room.  Again, small but cozy.  The fireplace is cosmetic only. My landlord offered me the sofa and chair in this picture as well, but I declined.  The nice large windows you see look out into the front enclosed porch / sun room.

Some other stuff i don’t have pictures of:

This is a 2 bedroom duplex.  I intend to use one bedroom for sleeping quarters and the second bedroom as an “office” containing my computer, music, and dvd collection.  Both bedrooms have smallish closets.  The bathroom was being actively remodeled during my visit.

I am just over a mile walk from a beach on Lake Erie. I can’t see the lake from my place, but a quick 3 block walk to the coast line gives me roughly this view of the lake, beaches, and the city of Cleveland:

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