Ken Tumbls to Ohio

Posted May 19th, 2008. Filed under Personal

For the next few months or so, my Tumblr will serve as documentation of my relocation process as I make the transition from Philadelphia to Cleveland.

Here’s what’s happened so far:

  • I’ve made several visits to Cleveland, gotta say - its nowhere near the dive i expected it to be (or at least the downtown-y portions)
  • I visited several upscale apartment buildings with Kathy and Liz.  Nice stuff.
  • I visited several run down crappy apartments in the search for my own housing.  Bad stuff.
  • I submitted my official letter of intent to vacate to my current landlord.  Feels good.  I will NOT miss this building.
  • I spent some time in limbo - having informed my landlord I’m moving out before finding and finalizing a place to live in Cleveland.  Kind of scary…
  • I found a place I like at a price I like, made a trip to Cleveland to see the place, meet the landlord.
  • I took the ol’ leap of faith, signed the lease, paid the security deposit, set a move in date, decided to start blogging this whole process.

Tomorrow, details about my new place and invitations to the no-gifts-allowed-and-i’m-not-paying-for-plane-tickets house warming party.

A preview:

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