The OiNK story – half truths defined

Posted October 24th, 2007. Filed under News

As reported by the BBC.

…Users were only invited to join the site if they could prove that they had music to offer, according to an IFPI spokesman.”

Half truth. Users were invited to join the site if they were given an invitation by a current member. Invitations could come from friends and family, message boards, various websites - invitations could even be purchased.

…They were encouraged to distribute recordings in the torrent file format with other OiNK members, and have to keep posting such music to the site to maintain their membership.”

Again, half truth. Many (most?) users never posted a single recording to the site. The requirement for maintaining an OiNK account had nothing to do with your ability to “post” music to the site and everything with share ratios.

I’m picking at words here a bit, but clearly what people will take from the spin of these statements is that the OiNK staff were ruthless criminals, robbing both the record industry and their membership blind. I won’t speak to the legality / morality of file sharing here, but these witch hunts will not win the RIAA-type organizations (RIAA, IFPI, FACT, ARIA) any supporters.

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